How To Customize Your Youtube One channel

1. Switch to Youtube One

Now that you have created your Youtube channel, head over to the following page:

Then click on Get the new design.

You will be taken to your new Youtube One channel. Youtube will provide you with a 3 steps guided tour, I recommend you follow it.

2. Upload your profile picture

Click on your profile picture to upload one.

This can be a picture of yourself or a logo.

If you are not comfortable with using one of your own pictures, you can create a manga avatar for free onFaceYourManga or get someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

Or else, you can get free logo icons on Enter your keyword and use the following settings to find free icons suitable for commercial use.

Simply download a PNG of your preferred logo and upload it as a profile picture.

3. Add channel art

This is where you upload your channel design created with ISP Tube Edition.

Note: if you have already uploaded your channel art before you will need to click on the pen icon on the right hand side of your channel art.

4. Add links

Next you should add links to your other social media profile and website. Again use the pen icon on the right hand side of your channel art.

To add your website click on Add under Customized Links and for your social networks click on Add underSocial Links.

Make sure you click on Done in the top right when you have finished adding links.

5. Add channel description

Next click on Channel description and enter at least one line about the purpose of your channel, and the benefits of subscribing.

Here is an example of a channel description:

 6. Add sections

Simply click on Add sections to customize your channel and organize your content.

If you don’t have any videos yet, you will need to start uploading some before you can add sections.

You can also browse Youtube and Like some videos, this way you will be able to add a section of the videos you like.


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