How to upload your eBook cover to your website

Once you have downloaded your cover to your desktop, you may want to showcase it on your site.

One thing to take into consideration is that the output of your KD Renegade cover is 1667x2500px. This maybe too large for your website so first you will need to resize it. After that all you will have to do is to upload the image on your site.

Step 1. Resizing your cover

-go to Picresize and upload your cover image

Click on browse and select your image from your computer then click “Continue”

-on the next page use the drop-down to choose your new image size. We recommend you select the “50% smaller” option

Then click on “I’m done, resize my picture” at the bottom of the screen

-Click on “save to disk” to save your new image




Step 2. Upload your cover (on WordPress)

Now that you have resized your cover, you can easily upload it to your website.

-go to your WordPress dashboard ( and click on “Pages” then “Add new”

-then click on the photo icon next to “Upload/Insert”

Click on “Select files” and select your cover image

-Clik on “Insert into Post” and your image will appear in your post!



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