How to Export PSD Layers to Individual Images for Youzign

Looking for an easy way to edit an existing PSD file in Youzign? You might probably notice that you'll have to export PSD layers to separate image files first, as Youzign only supports  jpg/png formats for the time being.

In this article, let me show you how to export PSD layers to separate image files ( jpg/png formats) and how to import them on Youzign.

Note: We need to use Photoshop to export our layers.

1. Open the PSD file in Photoshop.

2. Click on File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files...


3. The Export Layers To Files window will appear. On the Destination section set the location/path for the layers that will be exported by clicking Browse.

4. Tick the Visible Layers Only to export visible layers only, untick if you want to export all layers.

5. Under File Type section, choose the PNG-24 format to preserve the transparent layers after export. Click Run to proceed export.

6. A message will come out to notify success on exporting. Then click OK.

7. Log in to and load the application. Click on Upload Image on top left to upload each exported images/layer to Youzign.

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