How to register / login / download / access ImageSuite after purchase

After purchasing ImageSuite Single License or Developers License you will be redirected to the optional upgrade page.

If you do not with to purchase the upgrade simply click on the No thanks button at the bottom of the upgrade page to access ImageSuite.

We use a payment processor called JV Zoo to deliver securely your copy of Offline Presence.

Here is how to retrieve your purchase on JVZoo. 

1. Check your email for JV Zoo confirmation


After making your payment for the upgrade, you should be redirected to your JV Zoo customer portal.

If not, check your email for login information and login directly to this page:

2. Retrieve your purchase in JV Zoo

Simply click on the most recent purchase (it should say ImageSuite) and click on View details.

Then click on Access your purchase to register and access the ImageSuite members area.


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