Youzign for Wordpress

Youzign for Wordpress is a Wordpress plugin which lets you import any of your Youzign designs in your Wordpress posts and pages.


1. Get Youzign for Wordpress (it's free!)

Click here to download Youzign for Wordpress

2. Install plugin

Go to your Wordpress dashaboard, click on Plugins>Add new, then upload and activate Youzign for Wordpress

3. Link your Youzign account

Go to your Wordpress dashboard, click on Settings>Youzign and add your Youzign login details.  


After installing the plugin, if you create or edit a post or page you will notice a Youzign icon in your post toolbar.

Simply click on this button to open your Youzign designs.

Then choose the design you like and click on View to preview it or Add to add it directly to your post or page.

That's it : ) 

Note: the designs you import via the plugin are added automatically to your Wordpress media library.  


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