Community Chat on Youzign

Youzign has integrated to enable Youzign users to form a community. Note that this feature is currently being tested, and maybe be kept depending on how the community and the Youzign team adapt to the feature. 

How to find the community chat

After logging to youzign you will notice this icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your youzign dashboard. Click it.

How to use the community chat

- say hi and be social!

- share your designs by clicking on the Add image button

- share your fanpages, twitter etc or websites where your youzign designs are

- help out others

How not to use the community chat

- spamming is a big no-no obviously.

- for support enquiries please email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours

- post your ideas and suggestions on

How to change your community profile picture

How to reply to someone in the chat

To reply to someone hover on his comment until you see the reply icon below, then click on it.

How to speak privately to someone

When the chat box is just too busy, it's often better to go to a private discussion (called DirectSpot in the chat).


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