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Images that are to be printed should have 300 dpi (dots per inch) or more for a better quality and 150 dpi as minimum. But you may be confused or wondering why you got a 72 dpi image from Youzign.

Why 72dpi?
Is this 72 dpi image good enough for print?
Can I set the image to 300 dpi?
  - Let the printers do it for you
  - Do it yourself
How to convert inches to pixels


Why 72dpi?

The reason why we get a 72dpi is due to a software constraint in Youzign which is common to flash-based software. By default the software gives out this image setting for the designs you download.


Is this 72 DPI image good enough for print? 

Yes. In fact it has the same quality as a 300 dpi image, the only difference is the dimensions and resolution.

For instance, we are working on a business card which dimension is 3.5 x 2 inches, with a of 300 dpi - making its pixel dimensions to 1050 x 600 pixels. 

After downloading the image from Youzign and opening it with Gimp or Photoshop we will notice that we got a 72 dpi resolution and image dimensions of 14.583 x 8.333 inches. The good thing is that we still got the same pixel dimensions - 1050 x 600 pixels.

Image setting (Business cards)

Ideal image setting: 3.5 x 2 inches in 300 dpi, 1050 x 600 pixels

Youzign setting:  14.583 x 8.333 inches in 72 dpi, 1050 x 600 pixels

As you may notice, only the DPI and document sizes vary but the pixel dimensions remain the same. This means technically that the quality has not changed.


Can I set the image to 300 dpi?

Yes. You can change the resolution to 300 dpi from 72 dpi but you also have to change the document size. You have 2 options, first is to ask the printers to do it for you and second is to do it yourself through 3rd party software.


1. Let the printers do it for you

You can ask your printers to edit your image's settings. Let them know about the image issue and that we only have to change the resolution to 300 dpi and lower the document size to the right print size. 

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2. Do it yourself 

A. Using Photoshop

For instance we want to set our business card from 72 dpi to 300 dpi

1. Open the image in Photoshop, click File and then click Open to browse the image you want to open.

2. Once the image is opened. Click on Image button on the tops left and then click Image Size


3. A dialog appears. Change the resolution to 300 dpi  and the document size width to 3.5 inches (the height will automatically change to 2 inches since by default proportions are constrained).

4. Click OK to update image. 

5. Click File and then click Save or press Ctrl + S to save and overwrite the image.

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B. Using Gimp

For instance we want to set our business card from 72 dpi to 300 dpi

1. Open image in Gimp, click on File and then click Open to browse the image you want to open.

2. Once image is opened, click Image button and then click Print Size...


3. A dialog box will appear. Click on the input bar for X resolution and change 72.000 to 300.000.

4. Click OK to apply changes. No need to edit other input bars since they will all be automatically updated. You may also click the Y Resolution input bar if you want to make sure that it is automatically changed to 300 dpi.

5. Click on File and then click Export As...

6. A dialog box appears. Type in the name if you wish to change it.

7. Then click Export button at the bottom right.

8. A dialog box appears. Turn the Quality to 100 and click Export button. Your new image will be saved.

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How to convert inches to pixels?

You may have an image for print, but you only know its sizes in inches. You need to convert those sizes to pixels so you would know what sizes to use in Youzign.

Here's how, for instance you will be working on an A4 size print. A4 has the size 8.267(width) and 11.693(height) in inches.

1. Since the best resolution for prints is 300 ppi (pixels per inch), multiply the sizes to 300. That's 8.267 x 300 = 2480.1 and 11.693 x 300 = 3508.9.

2. Remove the decimal numbers(0.1 and 0.9). Thus, you're image in pixels should be 2480 x 3508 pixels. 

You may also use conversion tools from the internet like: Auction Repair Pixel Calculator

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